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Gary W. Patterson is a consultant with his firm, FiscalDoctor. He has more than 30 years of senior management experience with high growth technology, wireless, manufacturing, and service companies. He has worked with more than 200 companies — from start-ups to Inc 500 to Fortune 500 — providing high level strategic guidance and expertise. Gary’s financial acumen and extensive business knowledge have brought about significant outcomes for his clients, helping them to successfully navigate that often murky pathway to growth and profitability.

Gary’s track record includes building two start-ups (each achieving $10 million in revenue within their first year), diagnosing company oversights to save $150K to $3 million annually; guiding a young company through a liquidity search resulting in $25 million in financing, and; helping a company broaden its client base 525 percent, increasing revenue from $16 million to $100 million.

He has also negotiated more than 25 M&A transactions with a market value exceeding $390 million and helped several companies reach tenfold compounded annual growth in revenue. His international experience includes serving as the European coordinator for the global enterprise-wide application of an innovative software pilot program for a Fortune 500 company.

Gary holds an MBA in Finance and Operations from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a BA in Accounting from the University of Mississippi, and is a CPA.

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Avoiding Disruption to Your Nonprofit: How to spot the “Black Swan”

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When Might Managing to the Numbers Ruin another Holiday?

As the new economy forces nonprofits to act more like the for-profit world, to what extent is your organization fooling itself by picking up one of the less desirable practices from the for-profit world? Specifically, to what extent are you managing to a number? For example, are you chasing this year’s donor without recognizing that…