Eugene H. Fram, EdD is an expert in nonprofit governance, a business consultant, and an award-winning emeritus professor of the Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology.

He is the author of seven books, including the third edition of Policy vs. Paper Clips (2011), a book that describes a trust-based nonprofit governance model that has been adopted or adapted by thousands of nonprofit organizations as well as Going For Impact: The Nonprofit Director's Essential Guidebook (2016), an action primer for onboarding board members. He has also written more than 125 published articles.

Dr. Fram has been widely quoted by national media on topics ranging from business to high performance nonprofits. His blog platforms on nonprofit governance have about 3,500 followers.

Over his distinguished career he has served on 12 nonprofit boards overseeing diverse community, national, and professional organizations, and also has served on five for-profit boards. His particular passion is helping nonprofit boards perform at high levels as more is expected of these boards today than most people realize.

Dr. Fram lives in Los Altos, California.

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Does the Nonprofit CEO Need to Go?

A change of CEOs is a complex and emotional process. But when the board has identified a significant deficit in the CEO’s intellectual and managerial skills that may impede stability or further growth, it is of paramount importance that the right CEO is in place. And it is the right time to make that happen.

Donor Remorse: Nonprofit Board and CEO Failed to Meaningfully Engage Him

Donor remorse should be nonexistent in nonprofit organizations—it can affect both current and future funding. The board should take a more active strategic and policy oversight role in this area. I recommend inclusion of the topic on your upcoming agenda.

Nonprofit Boardroom Elephants and the 'Nice Guy' Syndrome: A Complex Problem

Directors need to have a passion for the organization's mission. However, they also need to have the prudence to help the nonprofit board perform with professionalism.

Should the Nonprofit CEO Follow or Lead the Board in Fundraising?

The nonprofit CEO should be a leading partner with the board in development. The CEO is the advanced guard when it comes to fundraising. First to be successful, the CEO has to be alert to all places where funds can be raised with the CEO's own initiative. This involves everything from developing grant requests to…

What Nonprofit Boards Are Not Doing – but Should!

Nonprofit board members often don’t adequately monitor risk management, do succession planning, or evaluate the CEO and organizational performance. They should.

Recruiting a Transformational Board Leader

It behooves every search committee to seek at least one potential transformational board leader, if the organization can embrace a rapid-growth model.