Dudley Weeks, PhD is widely known throughout the United States and the world for his contributions to many fields, including conflict resolution, education, project planning, organizational development, and social change. His work has been acclaimed for its far reaching effectiveness, and he was featured as the subject of an internationally distributed TV documentary, The Peacemaker, produced by the BBC and Channel Four Productions. His concepts, practical teachings, and writings are widely utilized by individuals, organizations, businesses, and national and global institutions.

Dudley holds a PhD in political science and has served as a professor at several universities. His nonfiction writings focus both on innovative concepts and practical skills, all intended to enrich the potential within humanity to utilize our diversity for mutual benefit. Steps for developing relationships, dealing with conflict, planning and implementing projects, and bringing about effective social change fill his writings. Like his nonfiction works, his novels and poetry are enriched by his experiences throughout the world with a vast array of cultures and situations. Many of his writings have been translated into other languages.

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When People Disagree: A Guide to Dealing Effectively with Conflict in Your Volunteer Program

In the course of managing a diverse staff of volunteers who interact with each other, paid staff and agency clients, you know that conflict arises on a daily basis. How can you resolve this conflict -- some minor, some major -- before unresolved conflict results in poor morale, loss of volunteers and impacts negatively on…