I am the president of Creative Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

Here is a little bit about me:

I thought I was born to be a dancer. I spent hours and hours in the dance studio even while I studied and worked. An untimely accident led me down a different path, but not before I was imprinted with a lot of discipline and an uncanny ability to stretch my days to make everything fit!

While in graduate school I was invited to work on my first nonprofit project. First, I co-wrote a grant for Georgia’s first rape crisis center. Then I was charged with developing and implementing a comprehensive PR plan, that included community outreach.

I was hooked! My subsequent successes were fostered by a number of mentors who guided me on this path.

I soon discovered that my real strengths involved strategic marketing communications planning & implementation and special events. All my work is focused on helping organizations cut through the noise in the marketplace while raising much-needed funds.

When I’m not consulting or writing, you can find me out at the barn with my horses Pascha and Black Olive or walking around the neighborhood with my dogs Kiwi and Keno. They are my true teachers and I’m overwhelmed by how much I learn from them.

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Strategic Communication Is Key to Nonprofit Advocacy

Nonprofit advocacy changes the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and institutions. Advocacy shines a light on different perspectives and uses communication tools to press ideas on the public, decision makers, and legislatures.

Importance of Communication to Social Movements and Social Change

I grew up during the sixties—the rebellious decade. I was drawn to key social movements, including civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, and anti-Vietnam War. Today’s social movements require narratives that can be easily shared—in person and digitally. Social movements are more challenged than ever to get to a viral communication stage so their message can rise above the noise.

Nonprofit Marketing Communications in a Nanosecond Culture

Don’t blink—you might miss something! This is how it feels to live in our nanosecond culture, where it seems that everything is changing at an accelerated pace. It is enough to give nonprofit marketers a headache. Our nanosecond culture has changed nonprofit marketing communications. The controllable flow of information through easily identified channels is disappearing.…

Branding – The Key to Successful Special Events

Organizations with brand strength attract passionate volunteers, committed stakeholders and dedicated staff. Always make sure that the event adds to the value of your brand and helps your organization achieve its objectives.

The Importance of Marketing to Nonprofits

Recently the Atlanta Chapter of the American Marketing Association convened its executive committee for a roundtable discussion on how consumers will be different in 2020—what will they want, how will they relate to brands, and how can marketers best prepare for the changes ahead? Key takeaways: Brands will be loved or be “out.” To be loved,…