A Marine, a pastor, a businessman, and a special-needs-school administrator wake up in the same bed… sounds like the beginning of a joke, but in reality, is how Darin Martin starts his day. Driven by the need to make a difference in the lives of others, Darin Martin has spent a major portion of his life serving in various capacities. Darin also carries an incurable belief in his ability to accomplish the impossible in spite of occasional evidence to the contrary.

Upon graduation from high school just north of Houston, TX, Darin joined the most elite fighting force in the world: The United States Marines. Ascending the ranks from private to sergeant in three years afforded him the opportunity to serve in many roles supporting company commanders and as platoon sergeant. The lessons, focus, and motivation he gained from his service days have stayed with him and, in large part, provide the energy for his internal drive.

Departing the Marine Corps lead Darin into serving those around him through a pastoral role in the local church. With a degree in developmental adolescent psychology and family systems, Darin served on staff at two different churches over the course of nine years ministering to parents, teens, and children. Through various international service trips, Darin saw for the first time the immense need of those outside the United States and thus began the turning of his brain wheel to figure out how to be a part of the solution.

While in the process of starting his own church, Darin fell into the opportunity he currently serves in today. He is the owner and president of Program Services Inc., an administrative, audit, and logistics support service provider to nonprofits with aid distribution programs. Over the past nine years Darin has created audit compliance programs, systems, and documentation to help nonprofits demonstrate their due diligence and compliance while providing help to those they seek to serve through aid distribution programs. Darin has developed programs to deliver aid to those in need in over 16 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central and North America, Africa, and Asia. As a result of his services provided to nonprofits, Darin’s efforts have helped distribute over $500 million worth of humanitarian aid internationally and over $30 million worth of aid within the United States to our beloved veterans.

And then he had a son. On the autism spectrum. Upon his son entering public school, Darin and his wife soon discovered that public education was not their son’s best opportunity for success. Searching for a financially viable educational solution, a great vacuum was discovered and as Darin is wont to do – he filled it. Having no previous knowledge or experience in starting or running a school, Darin set out to do just that. And he did. The school for children with extra educational needs started in 2015 and has been running with great results. Darin, his wife, and two children live in Charlotte, NC. Darin is an amateur wood worker, musician, and serves in the ever-unappreciated role of being the president of his homeowner’s association.

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