Amelia Kohm, PhD, is the founder of Data Viz for Nonprofits and has more than 20 years of experience studying, funding, and evaluating human services. She earned a certificate in data visualization from the University of Washington and has applied her data visualization skills in her ongoing work at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, a child policy research center. Prior to Chapin Hall, she worked as a program officer at the Sears Roebuck Foundation and at the Illinois Humanities Council. She earned her BA from Haverford College, an MA from the School of Social Services Administration at the University of Chicago, and a PhD from the University of Bath.

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Using Data Visualization to Transform the Way You Work (5/5)

In this fifth and final article in my series on data visualization, I show you how data viz can transform the way you work by using real-time, highly digestible data.

How To Consume Data Viz Like a Superhero (4/5)

Charts, graphs, maps, and other types of data visualizations (aka “data viz”) often pull me in, especially if they are visually striking. But until I became well versed in the art and science of data visualization, even charts that caught my attention would often frustrate me. I could not extract their meaning quickly and thus I moved on, missing out on the story the chart might have told. This article describes the method I have since developed to read data visualizations so that their meaning rapidly comes into focus.

Sharpen Your Data Visualization Superpowers (3/5)

I hope you’ve enjoyed Let’s Use Florence Nightingale’s Secret Weapons and Data Visualization: Wielding Your Secret Weapons. Let’s now explore how to turn a good viz into a great one by following ten data viz “suggestments,” or rules of thumb, based on the science of how we perceive visual cues as well as the hard-won experience of other data visualizers.

Data Visualization: Wielding Your Secret Weapons (2/5)

In the first article in this series, Let’s Use Florence Nightingale’s Secret Weapons, we saw how nonprofit practitioners have two “secret” weapons: the data packed away in databases and spreadsheets and the visual superpowers of the organization’s staff and board members, funders, clients, participants, visitors . . . indeed any human being involved in the organization. Data visualization (aka data viz) capitalizes on our visual superpowers and puts our data to work. Now that you know what your secret weapons are, how best to use them?

Let’s Use Florence Nightingale’s Secret Weapons (1/5)

As nonprofit professionals, you and I would do well to borrow some strategies from Florence Nightingale’s playbook. She skillfully deployed two “secret weapons” that nonprofit managers and fundraisers today also can use to great effect.