Alyssa launched her consulting business, Hanada Writes, in 2006 after working and volunteering as a grant writer with nonprofits in Portland, Oregon. She has helped clients win over 600 grant awards totaling over $6 million.

Alyssa graduated from Portland State University and previously served as the Vice President of the Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter of Grant Professionals Association (GPA). She is a contributing writer for CharityChannel’s Grants & Foundations Review, an online publication that reaches over 30,000 professionals. She has presented trainings for the National GPA Conference, Vision Action Network, WVDO (Willamette Valley Development Officers) and Venture Portland.

When she isn’t working, Alyssa keeps busy with her husband and two young sons. She also enjoys creative writing, travel, cooking, running and exploring the outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Alyssa also tells the stories of families, businesses and nonprofits through her photography.

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How to Become a Grant Consultant

Do you dream of going to the office in yoga pants, waking up whenever you want and working from anywhere? Of course besides the obvious benefits of being your own boss, when you’re a grant consultant you also have the luxury of naming your own salary, deciding who you want to work with, and choosing…

Grant Writing Can be a Lonely Job. You’re not alone!

Grant writing can be a lonely job. It’s easy to get disgruntled when others around you are recognized for their hard work but you remain invisible. If you’re lucky, clients or colleagues will thank you for helping them actualize a project or fulfill their fundraising goals. But often we are like ghost writers and remain…

Build a Compelling Needs Statement

The Needs Statement gives you the opportunity to introduce the problem/gap in service that exists and explain why your agency is the superhero, ready to save the day. It’s easy to get bogged down in stats and facts or lean too far the other way and inundate the reader with weepie stories. So what’s a…

Effective Outcomes

It seems that one of the biggest challenges grant writers encounter is expressing clear and meaningful outcomes for grant applications and reports. When working on a grant there may be a clear picture of how the program will operate, the number of people that will be reached, the need that services will fill, the timeline…

Can anyone become a grant writer?

Most people I know who are in the grant writing profession sort of fell into it. They may have worked in development and it became part of their role.  They may have worked at a small nonprofit and were forced to learn it. Or like me, they were exploring options that would combine writing and…

Creating a General Grant Proposal Template

As grant writers, it would be quite inefficient if we started from scratch every time we developed a new proposal. Creating a general template for each program that you’ll be applying for saves both time and resources. If you start with a specific funder’s application process in mind, you can shape your template with that…