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Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development


Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development is designed to help you manage the human resources outside of your staff—the board and volunteers. It’s designed to make your life easier as well as ensure that the service of board members and other volunteers is rewarding for them and your organization.

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As an executive director/CEO, you wear many hats—managing staff and volunteers, developing and overseeing programs, raising money to fund the organization, staffing the nonprofit, complying with regulations, and properly reporting to funders and the public.

Not only that, but you also have volunteer board members to report to.

This book is designed to help you manage the human resources outside of your staff—the board and volunteers. It’s designed to make your life easier as well as ensure that the service of board members and other volunteers is rewarding for them and your organization.

You will learn how to work with your board and volunteers to ensure that your organization fulfills its mission and works toward creating a better future for the community you serve.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a board that understands its role in governing—not managing—your nonprofit organization
  • Involve your board in the strategic-planning process to create a simple plan that works
  • Work with board members to help them run effective meetings
  • Build an effective pool of volunteers that will move your organization forward by providing support in program, administration, and fundraising areas
  • Implement an executive director/CEO performance-review process
  • Learn what kinds of reports your board wants and needs and how to prepare reports that are meaningful and understandable

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Board Development
Chapter Two – Simplified Strategic Planning
Chapter Three – Effective Meetings
Chapter Four – Executive Director Performance Reviews
Chapter Five – Executive Director Report to the Board
Chapter Six – Volunteer Development
Appendix A – Boards of Directors Sample Job Descriptions
Appendix B – Board and Staff Roles and Responsibilities Quiz
Appendix C – Sample Job Descriptions for Board-Level Committees and Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs
Appendix D – Core Elements Assessment
Appendix E – Strategic Planning Forms
Appendix F – Meeting Checklist for Facilitators or Committee Chairpersons
Appendix G – Sample Board Meeting Minutes
Appendix H – Sample Executive Director Core Competencies
Appendix I – Sample Executive Director Job Description
Appendix J – Sample Executive Director Performance Review

About the Nonprofit Management Simplified™ Series

The Nonprofit Management Simplified series was developed by CharityChannel Press for the busy nonprofit executive director/CEO who is faced with many challenges—staffing the nonprofit, managing programs effectively, financing the organization through a variety of funding sources, and developing an effective board of directors—not to mention the everyday hurdles of running the organization. The books in this series tackle each of these topics, and then some! But they are not academic tomes; they are designed for you to read cover to cover or to quickly scan through to find an area you need to address right now. And they’re loaded with forms and charts that you can adapt for your nonprofit. We hope that you enjoy the books in this series and that you’ll become a stronger executive director/CEO because of them.

Marilyn L. DonnellanMarilyn L. Donnellan, MS, fortuitously fell into nonprofit management when the editor of the newspaper where she was working as a reporter suggested she apply for the executive director position of a small nonprofit. Over the next twenty-plus years, she enthusiastically served in five nonprofits, ranging in size from that single staff organization with a $150,000 budget to one with three hundred staff and a $6 million budget. She figured it out along the way, collecting tons of resources to help her with the myriad of responsibilities and challenges.

When her stack of resources got too large to fit in a filing cabinet, Donnellan decided to open a consulting firm to share what she had learned with other nonprofit staff and volunteers. She has been a consultant for more than ten years, helping hundreds of nonprofits build their capacity—although her filing cabinet is still bursting at the seams.

Donnellan is the author of three books on nonprofit management: Core Elements of a Successful Nonprofit, The Hour Series of Guides for Nonprofit Management (both published by Nonprofit Management Services LLC), and The Complete Guide to Church Management (Xulon Press). She has authored articles in The Nonprofit Times and The Nonprofit Digest. Her award-winning helps for nonprofits are in use around the world.

CharityChannel Press is the publishing arm of CharityChannel. Many of the sector’s most experienced, knowledgeable practitioners are part of the CharityChannel professional community. Because of its unique role in the nonprofit sector, CharityChannel Press enjoys a rich pool of prospective authors from which to draw. In addition, the CharityChannel professional community, consisting of tens of thousands of practitioners, forms a natural initial market for the books as does the greater third sector itself.

What Distinguishes CharityChannel Press from Other Publishers?

No one knows better than the colleagues of CharityChannel how tough it is to be successful in the nonprofit world. Indeed, the CharityChannel professional community is comprised of in-the-trenches practitioners who work at all levels of the nonprofit sector and in every conceivable discipline. As you might expect, the titles to be published by CharityChannel Press will be written by CharityChannel colleagues who have mastered the topic, and who have a demonstrable record of achievement in the topic area.

CharityChannel Press, which commenced publishing in May, 2010, has launched an initial book line called the In the Trenches™ series, a line of easy-to-understand books for the nonprofit sector practitioner. They are:

  • Written for the practitioner who is literally “In the Trenches” every day.
  • For the novice as well as those who have been involved within the nonprofit sector for many years, but are new to a particular subject.
  • Written in a concise, simple, down-to-earth first-person style, making ample use of sidebars and illustrations.

Authors will appreciate the attention they are given during the writing process. Although many of our authors will be veteran book authors, we will be working with first-time authors who, though they haven’t yet written their first book, have mastered their discipline over a career of hard work and dedication to their craft.

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