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Susan Axelrod

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: On Balance

If balance is a hallmark of self-care, then it seems most nonprofit leaders fail. Where on that list are you? Where in The Balancing Act do you interject time for self or family, full healthy meals, a workout, a mind-clearing meditation, or even a quick walk outside?

Dane Shumak, CFRE

Not My Generation! How to Communicate with Sensitivity

It’s official – there are five generations in the workforce. This is important to mark for a number of reasons – succession planning, diversity and inclusion, and accessibility, to name a few – but perhaps the most critical reason to acknowledge this shift is that we have to be more aware of how we communicate with each other, as well as manage and structure our workplaces.

Jane Garthson

You Just Hired an Interim Executive Director. Now What?

In 2018, Stephen Nill invited me to share with you my most recent experience where I stepped in as the interim executive. I did that in my article, You Are Now the Interim Executive. Now What? In this article, I switch perspectives. I address the same kind of situation, but from the perspective of a board chair.

Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA

Do You Review Your Fund Development Office Structure Annually?

Let’s face it, we don’t always have control over the world around us. In this real world, for a nonprofit to survive, it needs to keep pace with the changing times. The efficient and effective function of the fund development office is critical to the survival of any nonprofit. That is why the structure of this office, in particular, should be reviewed frequently.

Amy Wishnick

Ignore Infrastructure at Your Nonprofit’s Peril

In my experience working with nonprofits in the arts, education, human services, and more — no matter the mission, a solid infrastructure is essential.

Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Advance in Your Fundraising Career by Following Three Simple Steps

When I first entered the wonderful world of philanthropy back in the dark ages (before email, can you believe that?), I realized if I wanted to advance in this career (and I did want that) I simply had to follow the same three steps I followed when I advanced rapidly in my banking career. They are simple steps, but not necessarily easy—they require some work on your part. The three steps are...