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International Volunteer Manager Appreciation Day: December 5

As 2001: International Year of Volunteers draws to an end and the closing ceremonies take place this December 5th, it is time to set aside a day to recognize those who play a catalytic role in the success of any volunteer effort: the paid or voluntary staff who organize and oversee it. International Volunteer Manager…

Why Don't They Appreciate our Volunteers?

It's a common lament: organization staff sometimes don't seem to appreciate the volunteers you provide for them.  They drag their feet.  They complain.  They turn the volunteer away everyday.  Sometimes they go so far as to sabotage everything you've worked to build. How can this be?!  The volunteers are there for them.  Why don't they…

What's our Volunteer Recruitment Message?

A succinct, straightforward recruitment ad will draw more and better volunteers to your program. Let the ad do half your screening for you by anticipating and answering common questions! This exercise will give you a great "10-second selling proposition" for posters, newspaper ads, radio spots or simply word of mouth. Pattern for recruitment blurb: Motivational…

What Every Organization Needs To Know Before Developing a Volunteer Program

Why do organizations seek volunteer help?  There is no more important question you can ask before you initiate a volunteer program at your organization.  Your answers will demonstrate your awareness of the potential of volunteers and define how well they will fit into and contribute to your success. If you believe volunteers only make you…