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Amy Wishnick

Why Aren’t They Talking to Each Other at Board Meetings?

When I read a story or hear about a nonprofit in extremis, I wonder if the leadership has been asleep at the wheel. Did no one see the signs? Why did they not point these things out to each other? What were they (or were they not) talking about at board meetings?

Tom Butero, LICSW

You Can Get Through This: Crisis Management Strategies

Despite our best efforts, crises will occur. Some may be small and manageable and call for a minimum amount of attention. Others may be more serious and threatening to the organization, its management, or employees or the population served by that organization. No matter what the range and scope of the crisis, the most important issue is how that crisis is managed. How do you do that?

Stephen Nill, JD, GPC

Podcast: Darin Martin is interviewed by CharityChannel's Stephen Nill

Darin Martin first came to my attention in April, 2017 when he contributed an excellent blog post, Aid Distribution Programs: Good for Nonprofits, Donors, and the Poor and then, in May, 2017, his follow-on post, How Nonprofits Can Avoid Reinventing the Square Wheel. Both posts show how nonprofits that distribute aid can leverage their effectiveness several times over…

Darin Martin

How Nonprofits Can Avoid Reinventing the Square Wheel

When it comes to helping those in need, charities should strive for efficiency and effectiveness, which is why many charities have an Aid Distribution Program.

Darin Martin

Aid Distribution Programs: Good for Nonprofits, Donors, and the Poor

What if a charity could put money to use in a way where every $1 spent produced $100 worth of impact? Enter: Aid Distribution Programs.

Bernadette Wright

How to Increase Survey Responses

When nonprofits want to show the effects of their activities, they often use surveys. With online survey tools, creating surveys has become faster and less expensive. The challenge is persuading people to complete your survey.