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Susan Axelrod

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: A Spring Frame of Mind

Have you had something percolating in your mind for months about what you want to do or how you want to change your habits? Do you desire a healthier physical or spiritual life? Have you had thoughts of wanting to feel better, get better, and do better for yourself, your family, your team? Perhaps you’ve had a desire to create new habits or patterns for how you want to be. Now is the time! Spring has sprung!

Bernadette Wright, PhD

Better Knowledge for Greater Success

What is your most important asset for the success of your nonprofit organization? Money? Yeah, you need money to do most things. However, I’d argue knowledge is more important than money.

Michele Hickey

The Power of Storytelling

Successful organizations are fueled by passion—the emotional give-and-take between and among stakeholders that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. You want to convey the impact of your work. You want to share a feeling about your vision of a better future. There are three main categories of story that I would like for you to think about, and to have at the ready, for when time and opportunity allow for a richer conversation about your organization: the Founding Story, the Client Story, and the Donor Story.

Sophie Penney, PhD

Fundraising and AI: Bots Don’t Trot

AI may prove a useful tool that will enable gift officers to do more of what they should: have face-to-face meetings with prospective donors.

Elena Harman, PhD

Avoid Three Common Pitfalls When Using Data

As an evaluation consultant, I’m a fan of measurement and information, but only when it adheres to a thoughtful and intentional approach with those who are most directly involved using a balance of data sources.

Elena Harman, PhD

Nonprofit Evaluation: How to Shift the Conversation from ROI to True Impact

All of a sudden, you start to see questions on your grant applications like, “What are the measurable outcomes your nonprofit is expecting to achieve?” and hear questions from donors such as, “How will I know my dollars are making a difference?” Ugh.