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Tom Butero

Nonprofit Organization Leaders: Are You an X or a Y?

Nonprofit organization leaders sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the management principles developed in the business world have little to do with the management of nonprofit organizations. The thing is, the staff of a nonprofit organization has a management structure, too. Organizations that have a handle on management are better able to fulfill the mission while those that are more “accidental” in their approach often have an underproducing and unhappy staff. (Which is yours?)

Michele Hickey

Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Nonprofit CEO Search

As executive search consultants, we’ve seen and worked through a lot of scenarios, from navigating the succession of a dynamic organization founder to reorganization and replacement of an ineffective, short-term chief executive. There is no single right way to approach a chief executive search and transition. That said, we do observe certain truisms that serve boards well regardless of the specifics of their situation. In this article, we cover the most important truisms.

Steve Meyers

Your Performance Review: Measuring Mastery of Fundraising

Performance review coming up soon? How can you measure something at a still point, yet in constant motion? If you don't know, someone else surely will. Here's a concept of mastery in fundraising that may help.

Sophie Penney

Existential Dread and Planned Giving. Whaaaat?

What role can a planned giving or fundraising professional play as elders engage in their life review? The best professionals invite prospective donors to connect their values and what has given their lives meaning to their philanthropic planning.

Amelia Kohm

Using Data Visualization to Transform the Way You Work (5/5)

In this fifth and final article in my series on data visualization, I show you how data viz can transform the way you work by using real-time, highly digestible data.

Stephen C. Nill, JD

Matching Gifts guru Steve Hafner shows how to harness employer data

When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, one of the most powerful things you can do is to multiply a single gift. Of course, we're talking about a matching gifts program where the donor's employer matches the gift. In this video, I sit down with Steve Hafner, the visionary behind HEPdata, a company that does the heavy lifting of connecting your prospective donors with their employer's matching gift program.