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Susan Axelrod

Here’s Your Nonprofit Leader’s Self-Care Handbook

In my interviews, not a single nonprofit leader said anything like, “Oh, I didn’t realize that a healthy self-care practice could change my life and have lasting positive ramifications for my organization.” This seems to be known quite well. However, the act of incorporating self-care into daily life seems to be the sticking point. That’s where the handbook comes in. (I share it in this article.)

Joanne Oppelt

A Year-End Primer for Newby Grant Writers

So, one of your fundraising goals for next year is to increase your revenues from foundations. If only you could find a way be more effective at grants. How do you find the time to write? What tools can you develop that will help you get those grants in more easily?

Robin Cabral, MA, CFRE

Five Steps to Communicating a Change in Leadership

To ensure a smooth leadership transition, it is important for the organization to be proactive about communicating this change in leadership to its key stakeholders, including donors and funders. Here's how.

Joanne Oppelt

Developing Fundraising Campaigns that Work

To effectively communicate with donors, you need to engage them first. Engaging them means creating a communications plan that develops relationships.

Joanne Oppelt

How to Build Donor Relationships: Bringing It All Together

Today's installment will be brief, though profoundly important to your fundraising success. If anything doesn't make sense, be sure to read (or re-read) the installments.

Joanne Oppelt

How to Build Donor Relationships with Government Funders

With government funders, it’s not about you or your organization; it’s about them and their needs, wants, and preferences. You need to know and speak to their values, needs, and motivations.