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A.J. Steinberg

Today at the Summit: Mastering Fundraising Events

Summit Spotlight: Mastering Fundraising Events Broadcasts TODAY Wednesday, 10/4 at 1 p.m. PDT | 3 p.m.  CDT | 4 p.m. EDT Reserve Your Free Seat: Consider fundraising events. They are part of just about every nonprofit’s fundraising program. And with good reason. They don’t seem to require a great deal of expertise to pull off, […]

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Claim Your Free Seat at CharityChannel’s Masters of Fundraising Summit!

CharityChannel’s Masters of Fundraising Summit™ is an online event that takes place over a two-week period from September 25 through October 6, 2017.  In celebration of CharityChannel’s Silver Anniversary, we have covered the cost of your seat as a way of giving back to the professional community that has embraced us for 25 amazing years. […]

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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Just Published: Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits

We’re pleased to let you know that Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, by Julia Campbell, has just been released. It is available on Amazon in both paperback version and Kindle version (including Kindle Unlimited). Storytelling is the most effective way for nonprofits to to grow support and to keep donors engaged. It’s all about […]

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Stephen Nill, JD, GPC

Podcast: Darin Martin is interviewed by CharityChannel’s Stephen Nill

Darin Martin first came to my attention in April, 2017 when he contributed an excellent blog post, Aid Distribution Programs: Good for Nonprofits, Donors, and the Poor and then, in May, 2017, his follow-on post, How Nonprofits Can Avoid Reinventing the Square Wheel. Both posts show how nonprofits that distribute aid can leverage their effectiveness several times over […]

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